Tech moves fast. You need a writer who gets it.


With a laundry list of marketing projects, there's no time for a writer who missed the mark. You need someone that knows your industry inside and out. Someone with agency-forged skills who can get up to speed fast and understands your budget.

Rip up your project list. Let's get it done.


Agency trained, results driven. 


I started writing in the high-stakes agency world. First lesson? Copywriting isn't just shapely sentences. Clients need results. I learned how to create and sell a strong message to get buyers on board. In return, I worked with some of the best companies and market research teams in the world to perfect tools I put to work for clients today.


Content development from zero to sixty.


Speed is key. That's what I've learned from focusing exclusively on B2B technology marketing for the past five years. I've cultivated a quick-start process with new clients so I can jump in fast on projects. And I stay on top of B2B marketing trends and research so you'll always get the best and most effective content for the money.


Your budget. My priority.


Budget writers are a dime a dozen. As an experienced B2B tech marketing writer, that's not where I play. But I've been both client and vendor, so I organize my services with your budget in mind. I work on a flat-fee basis (versus hourly) so there are no surprises on the final invoice. I offer volume discounts on multiple projects or a project series. I also offer retainer agreements for qualifying clients with added benefits like scheduling priority.  


Let's get it done.


Stop stressing over your project list. You've got bigger fish to fry. Instead, let me create compelling, actionable, results-driven content that's exactly what you need. 

Really. It's that simple.