How do you estimate a project?

I estimate projects with a flat fee that considers the project's scope, objectives, value and timing. Clients tell me they love flat fees versus hourly rates since there are no surprises on the final invoice, making it much easier to budget. 

what will it cost to work with you?

As an agency-trained writer specializing in tech marketing, I don't dabble in cut-rate content. But I've been both a client and a vendor, so I organize my services with your budget in mind. I offer volume discounts for multiple projects or a project series. I also offer deliverable-based retainer agreements for qualifying clients with the added benefit of priority scheduling. Want a better idea of my prices? Download my pricing list. 

what's your process?

Because I've worked with tech clients almost exclusively for the past few years, I climb the learning curve quickly so you can get things moving. Typically, I'll do some high-level reconnaissance on your company and offerings prior to our initial conversation. Once we've discussed your project, I'll detail my exact process and timeline in a project agreement so you'll know what to expect. At minimum, a project includes an initial content draft and two rounds of revisions.

what's your availability?

My schedule is constantly fluctuating. Generally, I'm booking projects at least a month out, but a last-minute project push could leave me immediately available. The best way to find out is to contact me. If your timing is tight and I'm booked up, I'm happy to recommend the services of some handpicked colleagues.

I'm interested. how do we get started?

Get in touch through my contact page. I'll reach out to schedule a quick call to discuss your project. Once I understand what you need, I'll send a project agreement that outlines scope, timing, cost and terms. If everything looks good, all I need to start is a signed agreement and 50% deposit.