I get agency life. 

That's because I started my copywriting career at a B2B agency. I know how to work hand-in-hand with design, pace a project for production, even conceptualize (and then execute) communication strategy. If you're creative team needs a copywriting pinch-hitter, here's what I can offer:  

  • Creative and/0r strategic concepting 
  • Messaging and communication strategy
  • Copy or content developed in collaboration with design
  • Written rationale for design, branding or other visual elements
  • Experienced creative team collaboration
  • Confident creative presentations and client rapport
  • Creative execution on existing campaigns
  • Understanding of agency structure and client relationships
  • Comfortable being 'white labeled'

Agency pricing

I also get how slim agencies margins can be. That's why I provide agency partners with special agency pricing and heftier volume discounts. 

let's take it down for a minute

(If this were a one-woman cabaret show, this is where I'd be standing with a single spotlight.) I loved my time at the agency. I loved working with talented designers, visionary creative directors, top-notch production folks, and professional account execs. I only left because I saw content marketing coming down the pike, but none of our (global) clients were ready to embrace it. If you've worked with freelancers in the past that didn't get you, delivered work that lacked that agency spark, viewed designers as combatants instead of collaborators, or had the personality of cardboard, I promise you this: with me, things will be different.