"Janice is a strategic writer and consultant--I always tell her, "I love your brain." She truly is an out of the box thinker and is always up on the industry trends which helps us keep our messaging approach relevant. She has helped to simplify our message tremendously. She is professional, very detailed and dedicated. She is a great partner. I always enjoy working with her and highly recommend her work."

Heather Harding, CFI Group

"Janice never ceases to impress me with her intelligence, creativity and joyful spirit. I've collaborated with her on many projects over the years and don't think I've ever encountered a more talented copywriter. But calling her a writer is a disservice, she is a great thinker and problem solver, always digging deeper and interested in the "how" and the "why." Her expertise in content marketing actually comes from an innate aspect of her personality that has always felt a desire to help and educate people, to produce something meaningful. Her creative ideas, thought-provoking questions, and on-target copywriting has helped my business immensely."

Cristina Rutter, Cristina Rutter Photography + Multimedia

"Janice possesses honest and positive energy that makes her is a great creative, strategic collaborator. She writes copy that is not only creative, but also meets clients’ business objectives. She effectively tailors messages to different audiences, and she creates a broad range of options for each communication objective. Janice provides insightful opinions and has the ability to ask the tough questions that facilitate successful campaigns."

Leslie Hall, Griot Marketing

"Janice is more than a copywriter. She is a well-organized creative professional that draws upon her broad experience and talents to collaborate on the most appropriate and effective strategies for copywriting. She asks all the right questions, inspires new ideas, contributes greater value, and consistently delivers polished work sooner than expected. Beyond her intuitive ability to understand and interpret the needs of a project, her intelligence, wit, enthusiasm and positive energy make her a delight to work with."

Melanie Warner, Hotiron Creative

"There are people in this world who see color and motion, light and shadow; feel joy and sorrow, euphoria and despair. Then there are those who languish in the malaise of neither high nor low, their lives mundane and absent of the color that fuels the emotional and sensory exhalations that so effortlessly erupt from the creatures of creative and passionate expression. Janice is the former, she writes for the latter, and in her genius brings both worlds together for the betterment of us all."

Jon Schickedanz, Cadre C2C

"Janice is a great copywriter and fabulous writer-partner! She's strong concepting in traditional media as well as short and long form content. Her ability to be flexible and work her way around a variety of projects makes her a true asset to any team."

Oen Hammonds, Art Director

"Janice is a very talented writer. She has the ability to take a simple idea and turn it into a well written story. I have worked with her on numerous projects that went national! Clients and others like myself have raved about her writing abilities. She knows just what to say and how to say it to the right target audience. She is truly GREAT at what she does."

Brandi Trimm, Benchmark

"I want to personally thank you for your outstanding work on our press release and e-mail blast.  We’ve received several complements and congratulations from our industry partners – always a valuable touch."

Michael di Nigris, Autonomic Controls

"Working with Janice is such treasure. Her writing is always on target with creative flair. She is always optimistic under any circumstances, and she is a good communicator."

Kumiko Kanzaki, Graphic Designer

"It was an absolute pleasure to work with Janice!  She immediately understood our needs and quickly developed copy that was clear, concise, and engaging.  Janice was a true asset to the creation of our new website."

Lisa Schumacher, Workforce Chicago