Dear Freelance Marketing Writer, 

It can be rough as a freelancer. Especially for someone like you who isn't satisfied just to get by.

When you're driven to build a successful make a name for scale up by bringing on people to work for'll never be happy working for low-paying clients on ho-hum projects found on today's freelance job sites.

You know what that makes you?

Not just a freelancer. Not just a marketing writer. It makes you an entrepreneur.  

And I believe entrepreneurship is a calling.

-- Heeding the Call --

Not every freelance marketing writer wants to play big. In fact, a MAJORITY don't. They're content with the perks freelancing offers everyone: a flexible schedule, getting paid to be a writer, and that rebellion-tinged "f*%^-the-9-to-5" attitude.

But that's not enough for entrepreneurs. And if you're an entrepreneur, that's definitely not enough for you.

If you want to...

  • Build a business that has clients flocking to you (instead of constantly scouring freelance job sites)...
  • Be acknowledged as an expert and thought leader (not as a dime-a-dozen commodity service provider)...
  • Command top fees for your work (instead of letting the client shoot in the dark and taking whatever they offer)...
  • Be in total control of your project pipeline (instead of worrying IF the projects will come to you)...
  • Market your business consistently and systematically (instead of doing it only when you're slow)...
  • Escape the feast-or-famine income cycle...
  • Take action to start reaching your six-figure goals...

...then we should talk.

My calling is to help entrepreneurs like you build the freelance business you want. The copywriting career of your dreams. The six-figure income you know you can earn.  

My mission is to help you PLAY BIG and WIN BIG. 

But I don't work with just anyone.

-- This Is a Test --

A lot of freelancers are tired of working on low-paying projects for clients who, frankly, don't give a damn who's writing for them as long as project gets written. 

Those same people bookmark blog posts and stockpile "21 Tips to Finding Better Freelance Work," promising themselves they'll try out all that "expert" advice someday. 

When things get desperate--like when they lose their biggest (and only) client--they unearth that advice to give it a try...and only do the easy things. The non-scary things. The things that don't really get them results. 

So, they declare how fed up they are to anyone who'll listen. 

Being fed up with these things will urge these people to do one of two things:

  1. Opt out completely and return to the ranks of the employed ...OR...
  2. Start hunting for ways to improve what they're already doing

I can't blame them. I'd be fed up, too. And so would you, I bet. But here's the thing:

Would you be fed up with the inability to get hiring paying jobs on those freelance sites? Would you be fed up that great clients aren't hiring you for their projects? That those "expert tips" weren't expert enough to get you results? 

Or would you be fed up because no one is showing you a new way to take control of your business?  

The fact is: entrepreneurship is a test. It's a test of courage, grit, guts, tenacity. It demands you put yourself out there. It requires you to get out of your comfort zone and do things differently. 

But, more than anything, entrepreneurship tests how much you REALLY want what you say you want.

-- I Work With the Ten Percent --

There are millions of people who pay lip service to what they want, then don't take the steps to make it happen. 

I don't work with people like that. 

I work with freelance marketing writers who have a fire in their belly to create the business they WANT and BELIEVE they can have. 

They have the VISION to see their life as it could be for themselves and the people they love. 

They FIGHT against the status quo, the naysayers, and their own self-doubt to fully embrace who they really are. 

They are SERIOUS about building something lasting and understand that means working through fear and mental and emotional blocks every step of the way. 

They INVEST time, money, and sweat in creating a new reality for themselves. And if they run short on any of those, they're RESOURCEFUL about digging deep, finding more, and making it happen anyway.  

They SHOW UP every day to take the next step. And the next. And the next. With determination, focus, and positivity. 

Estimates say 90% of startups fail. That leaves just 10% in the winner's circle. 

I work with the 10%.

Is that you? 

If so, isn't it time to stake your claim on the freelance business you want... and are willing to work for?

I'm looking forward to hearing from you.



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