Exceptional freelancers are always in demand. Are you one of them?

The market for average freelancers is abysmal. But the market for exceptional freelancers has never been better.

Are you a freelancer struggling to land high quality clients? Fighting to earn a comfortable income? Worrying about how to set yourself apart in a glutted freelance market?

HW Coaching founder Janice Hughes knows how to build a six-figure freelancing business. In her free e-book, she shares 5 ways to elevate your freelancing from average to exceptional. 


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  • Why the number of average freelancers is on the rise (and how to avoid being one of them) 
  • The scary truth about freelance job sites
  • How to survive (and thrive) if the freelance bubble bursts
  • The 8 characteristics exceptional freelancers share
  • 5 secrets to build a more satisfying, sustainable, and lucrative freelance business (and how to start putting them into practice today)


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