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Upwork Hacks: 17 Strategies to Up Your Game, Land Awesome Clients, and Earn More

Get 17 straightforward strategies to help you land great clients and build a portfolio on Upwork. This 5-page tip sheet covers how to:

  • Get found by clients looking for your skills
  • Know when it's time to raise your rates
  • Cultivate a dynamite professional portfolio
  • Set the stage for raving client reviews
  • And more
Length: 15 minutes

Length: 15 minutes

Transitioning to Full-Time Freelancing

Thinking about making the leap into full-time freelancing? This mini-training covers:

  • How to calculate your hourly rate
  • Building a financial safety net painlessly
  • What to factor into your annual income
  • Information you should have on your freelance website (and resources to help you build it)
  • Drafting up an effective marketing plan
Length: 13 minutes

Length: 13 minutes

Stop Charging Hourly: How Switching to Flat Fees Can Increase Your Income Instantly (without Working More)

Learn how switching to flat fees gives you more control over your profit and benefits your clients. This mini-training covers:

  • Why hourly rates create tension between you and clients
  • How thinking "hourly" sabotages your earning potential
  • Benefits of flat fees for you and your clients
  • How to calculate a flat fee for a project
  • Advanced strategies for using flat fees effectively
Length: 11 minutes

Length: 11 minutes

Why Specialize? How Specializing Gets You More Business from Ideal Clients

Think being a jack- or jill-of-all-trades makes you more marketable? Think again. This free mini-training covers:

  • Why specializing makes it easier for clients to hire you
  • How to pick the right specialty
  • Positioning yourself as an expert
  • Targeting and reaching out to your ideal clients