4 Ways to Easily Repurpose Content

Creating original, high quality content is hard work. That’s why we should always approach new content with an eye for repurposing. Here are four ways to get more value and mileage out of your original content:

1. Carve a white paper into blog posts.

White papers are content goldmines. That makes them easy to break down into several blog posts. It’s not only about repurposing the paper’s big idea into digestible blog-worthy content. Supporting content (such as industry trends or research) used to build the case for your big idea in the paper makes great stand-alone content as well.

2. Compile blog posts into a white paper.

Blog posts are a great way to test ideas and get feedback. If you’ve written a series of posts on a topic or group of related topics, they could be perfect fodder for a white paper. Identify the big idea, then organize your compiled content into a problem-solution format. Don’t forget to link the finished product to your related posts so readers who want more information can download the paper.

3. Use blog posts for your e-newsletter.

E-newsletters are a great way to stay on prospects’ radar. Instead of creating totally new content, repurpose past blog posts for e-newsletter articles. Revisit posts created since your last e-newsletter and pick the ones that had the highest profile (views, discussion, links) or that offer the most value to your e-news readers. This transforms your e-newsletter into a “greatest hits” of your recent blog posts—particularly valuable to folks that might not have time to stay current with your blog.

4. Transform a white paper into an e-book.

According to content marketing expert Joe Pulizzi, e-books are white papers on steroids. They’re also one of the top five types of content consumed across all generations. With savvy editing and an eye for design, white paper content can quickly become an engaging e-book. Chunk your white paper into digestible pieces (sometimes it helps to use the cardinal design rule for great presentations: one idea to a slide). Then work with a designer to make the content visually appealing and reader-friendly.

Original content deserves to be repurposed. Not only because releases us (briefly) from the demand of new content creation, but also because it increases the chances prospects will find and engage with it—a win for all of us.