5 Signs Your Mindset Is Sabotaging Your Success

When it comes to success, mindset is everything. The problem is that a majority of us get mindset wrong.

Mindset influences everything in our lives: success, love, wealth, health, even physical performance. In fact, over time mindset outweighs natural talent in determining who's successful...and who's not.

Research shows the human brain is programmed for negativity. But negativity actually shortchanges our potential. Is your mindset blocking real success? Here are five signs it might be:

  • You direct your attention to inconsequential tasks to procrastinate doing the uncomfortable things that really contribute to making a difference in your business or life
  • You beat up on yourself mentally (which can be more damaging than doing physically harm)
  • You focus on your losses instead of celebrating your victories
  • You complain a lot but remain unwilling to face (let alone change) the truth about your circumstances
  • You struggle with feeling unsatisfied with the things you have and the things youdon't

For a time in my life, I did all of these things. No surprise, then, that I reached a point where nothing seemed to be going right. My job felt like drudgery. My relationships felt less and less satisfying. My finances were dwindling fast.

But I was doing what "mindset gurus" suggested: I wrote affirmations. I set intentions. I pictured life the way I wanted to have. Nothing changed. And nothing improved.

I wondered, "I'm a smart person--how the hell am I getting this wrong?"

Turns out you can shout affirmations 24 hours a day or write intentions until your hand cramps, but if you're missing this one thing, the magic won't happen for you.

And it will never happen. Unless you harness this single secret.

What is it? Emotion.

Your emotion has to match what you want to bring into your life. You not only have to feel what you want is possible, you have to also feel like you already have it.

Sound too woo-woo for you? Consider this:

When you feel like you already have what you want, you're operating from a new position of power. And from that new perspective, challenges that felt like serious obstacles now seem totally possible to overcome. Why? Because in your mind, you've already conquered them.

That's when the magic happens.

But the first step is being aware of the ways (big or small) that you sabotage yourself mentally.

So, pay attention to how you undermine your success with a negative mindset. What are you telling yourself when you hit a roadblock? What beliefs do you hold that limit you? How do you distract yourself from taking action to get closer to your goals?

This is the first step to getting your mindset in shape and primed for success.