4 Ways Content Marketing Trends Will Impact Freelancers in 2017

When I ran across Brian Sutter's article on 8 trends shaping content marketing in the coming year, I started thinking, "How could these trends impact freelance marketing writers?"

The answer: Potentially a lot.

The trends Sutter talks could not only affect what clients want, but also the skills freelancers can hone to be more attractive, and how they market their services to prospective clients.

Here are some highlights from Sutter's piece viewed through a freelancer's lens:

1.) Marketers are feeling MUCH more confident about the effectiveness of content marketing. That means content marketing budgets are likely to get bigger (insert your happy freelancer dance here!) but competition for work could get more intense.

Freelancer takeaway: Make sure you’re differentiating yourself and your services effectively. Specializing (either by an industry you serve or the services you offer)  is a great way to do this.

2.) More people are accessing content on mobile apps than desktops. Over a two year period, people accessed content 12% more via mobile devices or with mobile apps. But desktop access decreased 12%. 

Freelancer takeaway: Prospective clients are likely to view your freelance site on their smartphone or tablet. Make sure it’s mobile-optimized so you come across as professional and savvy.

3.) Video is booming. By next year, experts estimate 69% of content consumed online will be video. By 2020, that estimate jumps to 82%.

Freelancer takeaway: Cultivate your video skills. Whether it’s developing video scripts or helping clients concept videos to achieve their marketing goals, video-related skills can pay off in the long run.

4.) Content promotion is on the rise. Marketers are getting the hang of content creation and are now looking for better ways to drive traffic to it.

Freelancer takeaway: Consider building content packages that include content creation AND promotion. Charge monthly for a set number of content pieces and accompanying promotion. Don’t forget to pitch to current clients as well as new ones to get the most interest and traction.

Read Sutter's full article on Forbes.com.

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